Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Updates for June 25th

Heavy clashes continue in Damascus today as the SAA presses its advance. The pro-government ANNA news posted a video claiming the SAA had taken the village of Al-Bahdalya near the Sayida Zainab shrine. Map here.

Fighting also continued in Aleppo, with the rebels trying to advance into western districts of the city and the government continuing its march northwards. 

Mennagh airbase to my knowledge has still not fallen.

Video posted by rebels from Jabhat Al-nusra claims to have taken over a SAA base in Al-Shidadi town, south of Hasakah city. It appears they also captured some prisoners. Map here

The SAA now fully controls the town of Tal Kalakh near the Lebanese border. I mentioned on the 22nd that the SAA had moved to take the town and now it appears they have taken control of the town which is situated in Homs province. Map here. With the capture of Talkalakh, Qusayr and the Halboun mountains, the only major stretch of border left for the rebels to pass through from Lebanon is those mountains east of Yabroud and Al-Nabak. As on the lebanese side of those mountains is Arsal, a pro-rebel area. See here.

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